Tuesday 3 July 2012


Hello internet...

Yes, I know... I know. It's been so long. I really am sorry, I didn't mean to leave you out in the cold... unless of course, you're a penguin, in which case that was exactly my intent. That's just the best way to love a penguin I know, you adorable little tux-sporting rascals.

I'm assuming I'm the first ever person to Photoshop a
penguin with a tuxedo. God I'm good!
Well, I didn't come here to talk about penguins all night. I've actually got some news. Good news. Well, it's kind of both good and bad for various reasons. How about I just let the news speak for itself, shall I?

I'm moving out of my current share house situation, and into a place with Troll Chick. Together at last. It'll be hard work to pull everything we need together, but I am stoked that we'll no longer have to commute to see each other.

I say commute to see each other, when really I mean Troll Chick commuting to see me. She's good to me, and I'm lazy economical with movement. In any case, we couldn't be happier; We'll finally get to have our own space without the distractions of living with other people. I sincerely hope that after a month living with me she doesn't kick me out, 'cause that would make the wedding plans a bit awkward.

As I said though, there are numerous downsides to moving out of the share-house that I'll miss dearly.


  1. Contending with differing lengths and colours of hair from unknown sources littering the bathroom sink.
  2. Paying $70 cab fares to Police on my doorstep on behalf of my drunk flatmate to keep him out the lock-up for the night. At 0200 (2AM for you daft lot). On a Tuesday.
  3. Finding my food inexplicably disappear from the fridge and/or cupboards. Or directly from the oven. Whilst I was cooking it.
  4. Buying proper (Read: Not sandpaper) 16 packs of toilet paper on my turn to pay for supplies, only to have house mates reciprocate by ponying up for Homebrand 1-ply 4 packs on their rotation.
  5. Going to wash clothes and finding the washing machine full with somebody else's gear, with no house mates in sight.
  6. Deftly navigating the kitchen in such a way that I'm able to cook and serve food for myself without having to engage the 2 metre high pile of dishes that I didn't contribute to the production of.
  7. Waiting for Aquaman to finish his half hour shower. Between the times of 0720-0750.
  8. Stepping in unidentified sticky stuff at the front door steps that somebody's left there and not bothered to clean up. Wearing my socks.
  9. Getting a clean glass out of the cupboard, and discovering it's not clean at all. After drinking from it.
  10. Not wanting to venture into the kitchen in the evening, for fear of getting dragged into a philosophical and/or scientific discussion. About seaweed or something.
Really, I could go on... I can't not think about things that I will miss.

I jest though. I josh even (lol, see what I did there?)

Despite all of its downfalls, I really did have some good times with some of the people in this house and will maintain a couple of the friendships after my departure. One thing I did enjoy doing was leaving notes for my flatmates in the form of Rage Comics or Image Macros on the whiteboard in our lounge room.

Know Your Meme.
This was after the replacement toilet paper in the bathroom was Homebrand 1-ply. Can you tell?

Panel 2: Know Your Meme
Panel 4: Know Your Meme
Transcript in case you can't read the picture:
1. * le me looking for food
2. * remember I have none - FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU
3. What's this? Valentina made le lasagne?

Panel 2: Know Your Meme
Panel 3: Know Your Meme
Panel 4: Know Your Meme
1. * le me checking the fridge again for food
2. hey bro, I'm making butter chicken if you want some...
3. Witch please, who doesn't want free butter chicken?
4. Frak Yeah

Disclaimer: Picture may have been digitally altered to make it G-Rated.

And, as my last picture that I'd be doing for the house:

Know Your Meme
Transcript: I don't always move out. But when I do, it's this Saturday.

Okay, so my Yao Ming looks like a constipated Elvis and my Most Interesting Man in the World looks like a smelly hobo, but you get the gist of it. It was freehand, leaning precariously over an armchair, okay? Quite judging.

Anyway, the main reason for tonight's post was to let you know that sadly, the hiatus continues. Yes, that's right... My content publishing power hasn't been restored to full strength just yet. I've got plenty to do to organise this move on Saturday, and will no doubt be without internet for a couple of weeks while I struggle to get everything hooked up.

Here's to hoping I can sort out the power before then. Until next time, internet.


  1. I started laughing when I read about your economy of movement and at that point wondered if Troll Chick was packing and organizing the detritus of moving, while you were busy blogging. I continued to laugh as you negotiated a path through the kitchen and paid off cabbies at 2am, at this point the person in the chair next to me was encouraging me to keep it down, but the guffaws kept coming. I was almost containing my laughter when suddenly, down the page I was struck by Rage Comics.......the laughs continued......loudly with no apologies

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  2. All the best. I'll just imagine you standing in one spot shouting until your power level is raised high enough to post again.

  3. Internet schminternet. Whiteboard rage comics are where it is AT.