Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lounging in style: 5 awesome ways

A couple of weeks back, I wrote up a post about 5 things I'd buy if I was filthy rich. I've decided to follow that up with a post about 5 things I'd buy if I had a tiny little bit of disposable income. This post is specifically related to things I'd buy myself purely for comfort factor.

Note: This list didn't begin life as a "Lounging around" list. Those of you that know me know that I enjoy spending time at home above pretty much all else, as I'm a bit lazy and enjoy comfort. That said, as my list began to fill out... I realised that the items I chose were pretty much exclusively based on my own comfort and therefore decided to focus the content a little.

My inspiration for this content is pretty much exclusively from a website that my mate Muffy put me on to, This is why I'm broke. I urge you to have a look at it sometime; It features incredibly geeky and awesome items that cost only a couple of dollars all the way up and over six figures. Well worth a browse.

1. SuitJamas

Are you familiar with the TV show How I Met Your Mother? (in narrator voice) If Yes, proceed to Section B. If No, proceed to Section A.

Section A

What do you mean you don't watch How I Met Your Mother? Who are you?! Okay, that's okay.... I'm not mad... I'm not mad. Go away, watch it, and come back. There's like, 7 seasons of it out now so I appreciate it might take you a day or two to get up to speed. It's okay, I'll wait. You done? Yes, you have to watch them all. Go away again and come back when you've seen them all. Done now? Okay, good. I'll quiz you later.

Section B

Of course you're familiar with HIMYM, who isn't? You may recall in episode The Front Porch (S04E17), the gang are all around at Ted's house in their pajamas. Barney Stintson, who is perpetually "suited up", is wearing a silk pajama suit in lieu of the standard bedtime attire. I want it. And as it happens, for a modest fee I can have it!

Douche bag not included.
Price: USD $99.95
Where to buy: Amazon

I would love to wear these to work, and pretend I didn't know what the big deal was. "But, it's made of silk; How can this be not appropriate work attire?"

2. Batman Snuggie

When I first saw the "Snuggie", I couldn't believe it. I thought it was one of the most hilarious things ever. I secretly thought that they looked like they'd be comfortable as hell, but I would never be caught dead in one.

Unless, of course, they made...

I'd literally look like this all day if I could get away with it.


Price: USD $32.95
Where to buy: Amazon

What's not to love about a Batman Snuggie?! Seriously, you don't want one? What's wrong with you, it's amazing! Have you ever slipped the edges of your blanket on a cold night and formed a blanket coccoon? This is essentially that, except for two fundamental differences:

  • Absolutely no effort required
  • I'm BATMAN
On the strength of the second point alone I may try and get one of these in the near future.

3. Jedi Bath Robe

This may come as a shock to some of you but as it turns out, I'm not actually a massive Star Wars fan. I don't mind it, I think it's alright. These words will be sacrilegious for a few of the people reading this, but I really don't quite see what all of the fuss is about.

In any case, this next item is something that I'd love to have. It's just so damn cool.

Cost: USD $78.47
Where to buy: Amazon

I don't know what it is about hoods exactly, but I absolutely love them. They're just so... mysterious. All of the best movie assassinations* were performed by a guy wearing a cloak with a hood, so they must be cool.

* This may not be statistically accurate, I completely assumed this.

4. Toilet Seat Pedal

That age-old argument about men leaving the toilet seat up is just cliché so exhausting. I really don't understand what the point of contention is here. Men put it up to use the toilet. Women put it down to use the toilet. Let's break down this process real quick.
  • Action items for Men: 1
  • Action items for Women 1
Seems pretty fair to me. Women often argue however that men should put it back down after using it.
  • Action items for Men: 2
  • Action items for Women: 0
I really don't know how else to explain it in a more logical manner. Truth is, sometimes I can't be bothered bending down to pick up the seat and I take my chances at the smaller goal. 95% of the time I am rewarded with a "swish", but every now and then the torrent veers off course and snicks the inside edge of the seat. Now I have use some toilet paper to clean up the spillage. This is a less than ideal situation. If only...

Although at that angle it actually looks more difficult.

Cost: USD $24.99
Where to buy: Amazon

That's right, a device that automatically lifts the seat when you depress the pedal. Honestly, I don't understand why all toilets don't have these. It makes perfect sense, and I intend to get one.

5. Zombie Attack Bed Covers

I love zombies. Seriously, whether it is:
  • A Zombie video game
  • A Zombie movie
  • A Zombie audio book
  • A Zombie survival kit
  • Zombie bacon
...I love all of it. Can't help myself. Which is why this bed spread is so freaking cool.

Cost: USD $135.00
Where to buy: Etzy

The artist that came up with this concept, Melissa Christie, only made one of these so sadly they are not available for immediate purchase. She has her contact details on the site linked above though, so it's likely that she would make one to order.

So everyone, please go have a look at the This is why I'm broke website, and let me know what sort of things caught your eye. Go on, I know you want to.


  1. I want a flying superrhero and a transparent kayak and a pumpkin coach and a ....
    Well I'm never going to theat site ever again, too much to choose from.

  2. I could totally use one of those snuggies!