Friday 25 May 2012

They see me trollin', they hatin'

The other day, I'm at the pedestrian crossing outside work, waiting for that awesome little green man to light up and allow me to cross the road without risk of death. I'm leaning against the traffic post, quite obviously waiting for the lights and humming to myself when a lady walks up and presses the button.
"Oh, thank God you came along!" I exclaimed with a perfect dead pan. "I've been standing here for five hours! All I had to do was press this button here?!" She gives me this confused look, and presses the button a couple more times.

"You should press it one more time," I explain to her, "I hear it goes faster if you do that."
She finally caught on to the fact that I was being a smart-arse and shot me a dirty look. Lucky for both of us, the light turned green just then, otherwise it could have been an uncomfortable two minutes.

True story.

Seriously, people need to lighten up. You need to be able to poke fun at yourself, and others, in order to enjoy this world. I have a theory on humour; I believe it is the quintessential trait of any relationship you'll ever have.

Allow me to explain with a couple of examples.

You know that time when one of your friends has said to you that another friend of theirs and yourself would "hit it off like a house on fire" (No, I don't like the expression, either)?. They've got a friend that is into all of the same things as you; Music, movies etc. and therefore it should be a perfect match. You finally meet them at some point in the future, and while you have all of these topics of interest to talk about you find that their personality is really abrasive? On paper, you two should be the best of friends but for some reason you aren't?

For comparison, also draw your attention to one of your oldest friends. Have people ever observed that you and this other person are nothing alike and it's weird that you are friends? You may have one or two overlapping interests. Growing up however, they belonged to a completely different social circle, wore different clothes and listened to different music. Yet, you're been great mates for years and will continue to be for life?

My personal explanation of this phenomena is that it entirely depends on whether or not your sense of humour was in alignment with theirs. I honestly think it is the most important part of a relationship. There's obviously a lot of other factors at work here, but if everything else in perfect except for sense of humour... It just won't work.

Do not undervalue humour. It makes it all worth it, in my opinion. If it weren't for humour, what's the point?


  1. Good sense of humour is inversely proportionate to level of dumbassery.

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