Thursday 3 May 2012

The Cloak Room Archives: Volume III

Hi internet, I'm sorry to say I'm too tired to continue my Cloaker Chronicles tonight. I've just bought the Walking Dead game from Steam (at most likely an unfair price), so I'm going to spend the evening killing zombies. 'Cause, you know. That's just how I roll. Not wanting to break the pattern of my daily updates (I did once last Friday, and ended up crying myself to sleep), I decided to give you another instalment of:

Stuff I made a long time ago but never published

I know you're all excited to look at my back catalogue, so I won't hold you up any longer!

Comments are always appreciated; I wet myself like a giddy puppy everytime I get a comment notification... so, hop to it people!

Ah, I know this: It's Da Vinci's The Last... wait, is that Vader sitting next to Jesus?!

A desktop splash I made for a company that I never launched. *sniff*

Another desktop splash variant. I like customising my desktop, 'kay?!

There aren't words. Made this some years back 23 hours into an all-nighter


  1. Hehe, this made me think back to my bastardised 'Last Supper' as well.