Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Cloak Room Archives: Volume II

So, I'm struggling to come up with any new content tonight. Bloggin' ain't easy. To come up with regular original content can be demanding, and I'm too tired to think very hard at the moment.

Which is why, friends, I am delivering, straight from my hard-drive to your face, another Cloak Room Archives instalment. At least this post won't take you an hour to read, unlike some of my other posts.

On a side note, I'm truly sorry for the Telstra complaint letter... By dumping that piece on to my blog before gaining a wide enough audience, I realise I may have burned the goodwill of my Facebook friends too early on and now building my audience will be a bit more of a struggle.

In any case, I hope you like these works. So much in fact, that you immediately donate all of your income directly to me. Or, you know, share it on Twitter or Facebook or something.

Click on the thumbnails to see the original picture sizes.

Created while I was heavily into playing Left 4 Dead a few years back.

My competition entry for Metallica's "Unnamed Feeling" single.
I came second, and this picture was featured inside the cover.

Okay, so for all of you out there that was looking forward to another blog post tonight (I count three of you), I'm sorry I copped out by just posting some of my old stuff.

It'll just mean that the anticipation will grow and my next post will be 10x more awesome.


  1. It's fine, reading that Telstra complaint letter was a great way to spend three days of last week.

    1. Think about how long it took to write...

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