Friday, 13 April 2012

Instagram bought by Facebook: Hipsters get emo, start cutting themselves

I used Instagram before it was mainstream, bro.

Facebook announced that it was acquiring the company Instagram for a cool $1bn, and immediately a public backlash begins. See, apparently Instagram is all alternative and cool and Facebook is all like, evil and popular and stuff.

Seriously, people are going mental over this acquisition. One chick even started up a Twitter hashtag protest (I think hipsters are still cool with Twitter, although I thought the platforms popularity would have had it fall out of favour with them a long time ago) by posting a black screen.

Is this really such a big deal? The hipsters can argue about corporate greed and privacy concerns to their hearts content, but I know the real reason they're abandoning the service in droves.

It's mainstream now.

Generation Y is a pretentious bunch, and I hate the fact that I'm in with them.

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