Tuesday 5 June 2012

Cloaker's Dogma: Conclusion

I'm a very lucky guy, I really am.

I'm not going to lie to you, internet. My post last night about Dragon's Dogma was an entirely selfish one; One that you saw right through.

I was, of course, venting at the fact that I had no expendable income to make "frivolous" purchases like a video game. The subtext, however, was that I wanted Troll Chick to notice that I was pining over the game Dragon's Dogma specifically, and that I was slowly building a case to buy it.

My hope was that over the next two pays, we'd reach a financial milestone and I'd be able to treat myself as a reward for being able to save as much money as we had. I was laying the groundwork for this potential pay-off in a month or so, however it appears my plans have been sabotaged.

Troll Chick knew I wanted this game before my blog post last night, I'm sure. I'm not sure exactly what tipped it off, though. Was it the two times I visited the game in store while in her presence? Perhaps. Maybe the comment I made, "Now I have to get it!" when I learned that kungfucolin had obtained himself a copy? Maybe. In any case, she was well aware of my obsession with this title before now... however it appears that the post might have tipped her over the edge. She devised a cunning scheme.

We both work for the same company, on the same floor of the building, however for different departments. When she left work today (she works earlier hours than I do), instead of going straight home she decides to catch a bus to a shopping complex. In torrential, and probably apocalyptic, rain

She hunts down the game, buys it for me, and catches a bus back to work... so she can give it to me before I go home so I can play it tonight. Instead of dipping into our savings, though, she juggles a couple of things in the budget and covers the shortfall with her own discretionary funds for the fortnight. Wha- how? Why? Because she rocks.

It's mine! It's all mine!!

So, this is where I'll wrap up for the evening, as I've just installed the game and am so ready to play it!!

How did I manage to land such an awesome chick?

If I hadn't already asked you to marry me, I'd do it again right now.


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  2. I felt kinda played and then I got with the program and realised I'm the winner in all this as I don't have to hear about how much you want this for the next month! Totally worth the frizzy hair and budget eats ;)

  3. ...now Troll Chick.......... to those new boots you need to keep you protected from further storms of torrential rain pours. I think the winner is yet to be proclaimed :)

  4. Jeezus TrollChick. You fell for it hook, line and sinker. I am sure my stomach will empty itself if this disgustingly loving display of coupleness continue for long :P

    1. How was I meant to know that his blog was a cunning scheme to get what he wanted. As a friend, I hope you forewarn me of any further trickery so I don't fall prey to it!

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