Monday 4 June 2012

The struggle of Cloaker's Dogma

I've always been about video games, since I was a young boy. Always have, and probably always will. A new terror threatens to change my way of life, however.

Thy name is "budget".

Don't know him? Know Your Meme.

I've always had the latest video games ever since I started earning my own money. It is a hobby of mine to sit on the couch with the latest blockbuster title and play for hours and hours. Some people don't understand the medium; They were either not interested in growing up, or grew up in a time that video games weren't commonplace. Either way, while I don't understand why some people don't want to give them a go (scared they might like it, perhaps), I certainly respect their decision to do so.

It is, however, only now becoming socially acceptable to be a video gamer... and only just. Many "adults" consider them childish and condemn those who should be at an age that they've "grown out of it". I don't mock you for being obsessed with cars, television, John Grisham novels or fishing; What gives you the right to look down on me for playing video games. They're a hell of a lot more stimulating for the brain than sitting in front of the evening News hearing about the world's ills. Again, I'm not judging; neither should you.

In any case, my dogma, if you will, has always been being an advocate for what some of us like to refer to as "Interactive Media". It is as the name suggests; Changing the outcome of the story you're being told by requesting input from you, the player of said media. While I try not to be "that guy", I have a hard time abiding over hearing somebody talking about video games in a derogative way without knowing anything about them.

Sadly, over the last couple of months I've only taken a small amount of time to play these games, because I can't damn well afford them any more. While much cheaper than some hobbies (tending to a vehicle of any description will set you back thousands a year), as I now "budget" I am unable to find room for some of these luxuries.

A new game has recently come out, one that I've been following the development of for some time. It's called Dragon's Dogma, and on first appearances it appeared to be everything I wanted in a video game. Lush visuals, deep and satisfying story and character development, in depth combat system and free roaming wilderness. I love the hell out of that stuff. It also appears to mix elements of some of my other favourite video games in a way that is both better and rarely done.

Seriously, I look at this game, and I see myself in it.

This game looks freaking AWESOME.

As my "budget" doesn't permit me to wildly throw $79 at something that for pure indulgence, I desperately try to think of how else I can get my hands on this game. I consider my current game collection, and whether or not I'd be willing to trade in any of the titles in order to reduce the expenditure. As I consider this, I am hit with an immediate sharp feeling in my stomach. You see, I really hate trading in video game. I mean, really hate it. This is for two reasons:
  • The value of the game trade
  • The contraction of my collection
First on the value of trading. I paid anywhere between $80-$110 for each of these games that I own, however they're obviously not an appreciating commodity and it would take literally 80 odd years before I'd start to see their value return to anywhere near their original retail price. There's not many people who accept these items in trade, and chief amongst those is EB Games. The thing is, though, they have a couple of different lists for game purchases.
  • Games released in the last 2 and a half minutes: 50% of purchase price
  • Anything else: 1% of purchase price

Don't know him? Know Your Meme.

Who cares though, right? I mean, they're just some old games that you don't play any more. Might as well trade 'em in to save a dollar? Well, I don't know if you are the sort of person that collects things, but if you are you'd understand my plight. Come on, surely you can relate? What about that Godfather boxed set you bought, or all of Stephen King's novels you have on your shelf? Baseball cards as a kid? Pokemon? Even if you didn't collect anything, perhaps you understand the allure of it. Perhaps not.

In any case, I like to collect video games. I'm not the sort of collector that will hunt down hard-to-find video game paraphernalia or anything (although I have friends that do this), but I like to keep the games that I bought. I have returned to an old game on several occasions, (not as much as some of my friends, again), but mainly I like having them on my shelf. I can't explain it. So, whenever I trade a game in (and I have traded in about 50 games over my life), it really hurts to lose part of my collection. What's worse, is that on many of those occasions I have actually gone to my shelf to find a game, only to find that I must of traded it. A deep sense of loss sets in especially in those moments.

So, not able to part with any of my collection I try to think about another way I can get Dragon's Dogma. Look at me, I'm having so much damn fun just imagining I'm playing it!!

...and I come up at a loss. It sucks, but what can you do?

You know what the absolute worst thing about this is? I recently had a JB-HIFI gift voucher given to me, and I didn't realise Dragon's Dogma was just around the corner... so I bought Max Payne 3. Max Payne 3, dammit! WHY?!?! In all seriousness, it's not a terrible game... but nowhere near as satisfying as an ACTION RPG.

Woe is me. Yeah, yeah I know.

"Oh, life's so hard for you Cloaker Josh, here's the world's smallest violin playing just for you. Why don't you quit smoking? That'd pay for it."

Just shut up, the lot of you. We all have our flaws, and apparently yours is being a pain in the arse.


  1. Perhaps the budget can undergo some creative restructuring ;)

    1. Oh babe, don't tease me if it ain't true... :)

    2. I don't tease! Well, not when it comes to you and your video games anyways... :)

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  2. I'm enjoying the meme lessons.

    1. Haha, good to know. I knew referencing them might be a good idea.

  3. I stopped trading in games years ago. I'd always be hit with trader's remorse.

    Now I'm pretty much buying games on a six month lag. So I'll only get interested in buying Dragon's Dogma in about six months.

    1. I can successfully hold off on some games, but others just seem too damn cool to not own it yesterday.

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